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Cabinets & Stairways

Many of our clients are choosing to paint existing cabinetry instead of replacing with new cabinets. Typically the decision is a financial debate between whether to enter into an entire "gut" and renovation of one's kitchen, or perhaps putting the expensive project off to a later date - five to ten years from now.

Either way, we are here to consult with you on your project and can answer all of your questions pertaining to cabinet, handrails and wood painting.



Should You Consider Painting Your Cabinets?

Some of the questions directed to us by our clients include:

Can we chose any colour we desire? (yes!)

Is the finished product durable? (absolutely!)

Are there a range of sheens/finishes available? (yes, of course!)

Do you do the painting at our house or take the cabinets away? (at your house)

How long will my kitchen take? (typically only three days to complete)

Will you change the handles (if you would like to update the hardware-yes we can do this for you)

Is it a messy process? (not at all-we make a point of keeping it tidy and comfortable for your family)

Do you spray or brush and roll? (we use a micro rolling process which renders a beautiful spray like finish)

How long does it take to dry? (coatings are dry within hours and fully usable next day)

Does it smell much? (not very much at all-low fumes!)

Does it cost a lot? (it's very affordable and extremely practical!)

Cabinet painting process:

  • full cleaning and degreasing of all surfaces to be painted

  • all doors are removed and painted on site with our handy and organized rack system

  • removal of all hardware/handles and bumpers prior to painting

  • abrading of wood surfaces and any vinyl trim work

  • caulk and patch any dents and cracks

  • apply bonding primer

  • apply two to three coats of Urethane modified cabinet coatings

  • clean up

  • re-install all handles and door bumpers


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